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What's up, nerds!?

: Xenon.exe or Xenon Starz

: space, emo music, drawing, crochet, kandi, plushies

: vegetables, cishets, antis, sunlight, cops


Anyways, lets put in my own filler text! Hiiiiii I'm Xenon! I'm going to use this as a landing page for... everything. The internet is going to shit so I'm going to make my own little space instead of living in someone else's.

You'll see on the left side of this page I've listed my upcoming cons. This is cons I'm VENDING at specifically! I don't really care to advertise my location for non-vending reasons. I sell crochet plushies and kandi for the sparkledogz! Sometimes I have some prints and stickers too! Please come see me!

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Other places to find me!

Tumblr | BlueSky | Kandi Patterns | Chicken Smoothie | PokeFarm

Discord: xenon.exe | Telegram: @XenonStarz | Twatter: @xenon_exe

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